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It all started with a 10 cent click and the rest is now history. More than two decades later, we're still asking a very simple question, "How do we make it 11 cents, 12 cents or even more?"

Take some well derserved time-out and leave the big data questions to us while you rest assured that your assets are working for you at their maximum potential.

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Most of my best thinking is done either staring at the ocean or while hiking through a forest. It's during these times I find myself asking, "How can we make this better?" and this is how Apogee was born.

Apogee returns to you the most prescious commodity you have, your time. It's where you can view all your data from everywhere and in one place.


We are committed to growing client relationships into a true partnership where a high level of trust is developed. This will take time and honesty as we openly share our knowledge and experience to help foster a strong relationship.

There's few things more fulfilling than seeing a smiling face as we help a partner reach their goals and dreams.