We believe

That it's not about about ParkLogic but rather it's about you. You are the hero of your journey, not us and our goal is to help you along your way.

In sharing truthfully with domain investors where we have performed and where we haven't. Our desire is to foster long-term relationships that are a true partnership that are beneficial for all parties.

That it's by innovating that the domain industry can move forward and ultimately increase in value. We are focused on not just the evolution of the industry but the revolutions that need to take place in any vibrant, exciting ecosystem.

In helping to educate the industry by openly sharing our findings at conferences, in blogs, regular client zoom meetings and educational resources such as the video series at MCL.club. It's through helping each other that the industry as a whole can become more robust.

The ParkLogic Team

Established in 2007, ParkLogic has helped many of the world's largest domain investors reach their business and personal goals. We believe that by listening and spending time together that we can best help domain investors increase the value of their domain traffic.

The core ParkLogic team has been working together for over 15 years and its this sense of stability, experience and knowledge that we bring to every client meeting. The team has recently expanded and this has added an exciting influx of new creative perspectives that have provided valuable insights into problem solving. The core ethos of the entire ParkLogic team is a strong belief that its through working together with clients that a true partnership develops.

David Gibbs - co-founder

David Gibbs


David is a tech savvy entrepreneur and leader. He remains an engineer at heart with a career covering project engineering with Honeywell, strategic consulting with McKinsey & Company, founding and building the online home loan company eChoice, and CEO of the listed mobile application company Jumbuck Entertainment – along with a few other start-up ventures along the way, including Parklogic!

Within Parklogic David spends most time on COO/CFO duties (complementing Michael’s time on CSO/CMO duties). Outside that he is an active radio control aerobatics pilot, and active member of Melbourne Angels.

Michael Gilmour - co-founder

Michael Gilmour


Born in Melbourne, Australia, Michael founded his first business when he was 16 years old and has been an avid Internet entrepreneur for over 27 years. After completing his MBA and founding a number of ecommerce businesses Michael served as a director of the prestigious Australian Internet Industry Association, the last two of which he was elected to the position of vice-chairman.

Together with his business partner, David Gibbs, Michael co-founded ParkLogic which both maximizes domain revenue and manages domain portfolios for clients the world over. He is also an industry commentator via his blog, whizzbangsblog.com, regularly speaks at global industry events and is the host of "The Complete Entrepreneur" on ClubHouse.

Both an avid writer and reader Michael has recently completed his first science fiction novel, “Battleframe” and is currently working on a sequel in the series.

Craig Beveridge - COO

Craig Beveridge

Chief Operating Officer

Lorum Ipsum

Matt Herbert - Sales Manager

Matt Herbert

Sales Manager

Matt’s extensive background in Banking and Finance has equipped him with outstanding relationship skills. He has constantly outperformed in a variety of roles and first worked with the ParkLogic team in 2019. After a brief time with a technology company in a Business Development role, he accepted an offer to return as a Sales Manager in July 2022. Keen to build on the successful relationships from his first stint, Matt’s focus is meeting new clients and helping them solve their pain points as domain investors. Matt has also enjoyed success in dealing with Registrars and loves the challenge of delivering fresh concepts to larger businesses.

Matt is a mad Australian Rules Football fan, an enthusiastic (though not very good) golfer and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Andrew Miles - Accounts Manager

Andrew Miles

Accounts Manager

Andrew has a Bachelor of Applied Science from University of Western Australia and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Sydney and NSW. Since 2001 he enjoyed a executive level of success in the internet research industry and ICT security with 90East and Australian Taxation Office. Over time, Andrew has worked in innovation, taxation and commercialisation roles from startups to ASX 50 entities. Currently, Andrew is an active startup investor with the Melbourne Angels and syndicate Angel groups plus Melbourne Angels’ Treasurer. As well as doing some business development, Andrew focuses on creating unique solutions for ParkLogic clients that are specifically tailored to their needs.

When not working at ParkLogic, Andrew enjoys spending time with his young family, playing soccer, camping, and working on the house.

Robert Lasky-Davison - Operations

Robert Lasky-Davison


A qualified accountant, for the past 8 years Robert has been applying his detailed focused efforts to ensure that the operational aspects of ParkLogic run smoothly. Everything from checking daily statistics through to domain imports and payments cross his desk. Rob is reknown for his spreadsheeting skills and his uncanny ability to pull together the right data at just the right moment.

When not working at ParkLogic Rob can be found interviewing and writing the life history of paliative care patients so the surviving family has a precious memory of a lost one. When he finally gets away from staring at his computer screen Rob enjoys cycling, tennis and canoeing.

Laci Nagy - Development/Operations

Laci Nagy


Laci commenced his career as an officer cadet at the Royal Australian Air Force Academy where he gained a BSc in Mathematics and Physics. After graduating he completed additional study in aeronautics, flying and gained a Graduate Diploma of Education. Laci then moved into an instructional role, teaching aerodynamics to the trainee pilots of the Australian and Papua New Guinea Defence Forces at the RAAF’s No 1 Flying Training School.

After leaving the RAAF, Laci became a trainer in the corporate world and secured a systems support role at the worlds largest mining company, BHP Biliton. Over 9 years ago, Laci joined the team at ParkLogic and as well as playing an operational role he specialises in database systems and interface development.

Laci's passion for aviation has always been with him and you can regularly find him either building remote control gliders or slope soaring with a local model flying club.

Danny Cron - Senior Developer

Danny Cron

Senior Developer

After completing his Masters in Computer Science, majoring in both artificial intelligence and game theory, Danny broadened his skills by joining and founding a number of Internet startups. It was during this time that he worked closely with Michael as they commercialised a innovative online advertising service that was used by a major reality television program. Danny joined ParkLogic over 9 years ago and has become the key systems designer, developer and technical problem solver for the company.

Danny's enjoyment of games continues to this day and when not coding for ParkLogic he can often be found either playing or designing tabletop and computer games.