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There just has to be a better way! This thought reverberated through my mind as I absently gazed into the forest outside the unit we'd rented for our vacation. I couldn't help but smile as a cockatoo madly flapped its wings to land on a tree branch opposite.

There has to be a better way! With a dawning realization I knew what had to be done and like a cascading series of revelations I knew we had to build it.

Domain investors work incredibly hard for their passive incomes. Checking into one system after another to view statistics, sales offers or even to see if a domain is expiring can be incredibly time consuming. It seems that all of your data is littered across the virtual Internet landscape

Courtesy of a short vacation and a screeching cockatoo we would now like to present to you a tool to solve this intractable problem - Apogee.

Why Apogee?

Apogee: "The Apogee is the highest point in a rocket's flight."

The word Apogee perfectly describes what we believe is the start of an exciting journey into making life easier for domain investors. Apogee is a completely configurable dashboard platform that can pull data in from any source and then display it in a huge number of different ways. More than this, you can also drag and resize every chart and make any number of dashboards that best suit you. It solves the problem of data and information scattered everywhere across the Internet landscape by having it all right at your fingertips.

Viewing Your Data

The best tools are the ones that are easy to use and display how you would like to see the data. You can already display the data for any chart as a table, bar, line, area or even donut chart. All of the data from the graphical charts can automatically be displayed as a table and any chart data can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Area chart. Line chart.
Area chart
Line chart.
Bar chart. Donut chart.
Bar chart
Donut chart.
Table chart. iFramechart.
Table chart
iFrame chart
The Apogee Design View

Unlike traditional static dashboards with Apogee you are in the drivers seat and can determine what information you want to display, how you want to display it and where you would like is displayed. By clicking the design view icon you can then drag and resize everything on the page, create new tabs or move a chart to a new dashboard you've just created. At ParkLogic, we believe we provide the tools to help domain investors on their journey towards their goals.

Create a new dashboard. Add, size and position the charts on the dashboard.
Create a new dashboard
Add, size and position the charts on the dashboard.
Data From Anywhere

There are already a growing number of pre-defined objects that can be placed upon a dashboard but if that isn't enough for you then you can always create your own. With the right API keys data can be pulled in from a huge number of different sources and then displayed in a large range of different chart types. As long as there is a an API to connect to you can pull the data into Apogee. This means you can display data from all the different marketplaces, parking providers or even news sources on any dashboard.