A hubbub of noise surrounded the conference registration desk as attendees greeted each other and signed in. It was nearly lunchtime and I was waiting for my fifth meeting for the day. We finally spotted each other and after quick introductions we secured a couple of chairs discreetly set aside for such purposes.

"So why should I put my domains with you?" the softly spoken gentleman opposite me asked.

I smiled and replied, "Because we're still here."

After pausing for a few seconds he said, "Good answer."

There is a really good reason why we are still here while many other domain monetization companies have fallen by the wayside. For over a decade and a half we have openly shared our knowledge with domain investors, whether they are clients or not. We believe that helping others with no expectation of anything in return is one of the reasons why we have gained the respect of the industry and are still here today.

Video Lessons

MasterClass Lessons or hold a repository of freely available video lessons on the topic of domain traffic monetization. if you have ever had any questions about domain monetization then this is the definitive source that covers everything from normalized RPMs through to algorithmic traffic switching.

Monthly Zoom Sessions

This year we are really pleased to introduce a monthly zoom meeting that is open to all domain investors. During this time we will be providing a domain traffic industry briefing and where we think it is headed in the coming months ahead. In addition we plan on inviting guests to share on a number of different topics that impact domain investors followed by throwing the session open to a time of questions and answers. The goal of these sessions is to help inform domain investors on the opportunities that they can exploit for their own investment businesses.

The Team

The majority of the ParkLogic team has been working in the domain traffic industry for well over a decade and have developed a large amount of experience during this time. Client's often reach out to us for suggestions or advice on how they should move forward with a particular deal or how to better manage their domain investments. We are more than willing to share our knowledge and experience to assist you on your journey.