I'll never forget a discussion I had with a domain investor at a conference. They asked me, "How much commission do you take?"

Quick as a flash I responded, "We payout 20% and take 80%."

"That's crazy!", they responded.

I paused for a few seconds before replying, "What I didn't tell you was that we increase your revenue by 100,000%."

We don't actually take an 80% commission but this story illustrates an important point. Every investor actually wants is to receive a higher dollar value payout while the new partner receives a fair commission so they are sustainable. For over fifteen years we have been doing exactly this for many of the largest domain investors in the industry.

How we can help?

We believe you're the hero of your journey, not us. What does this statement mean? Central to the ParkLogic client philosophy is that we always provide the best possible solutions and advice that are in your interest. At times, we may even recommend you test a competitor out if we honestly believe that is the best way we can assist you along your journey. We would much rather be open and honest and develop a trusting relationship than to spin a story to getting your your business now.

How can we work together?

It's actually quite an easy process to work together and involves 3 simple steps:
1. Sign-up for an account
2. Change the nameservers for your domains to a unique one we will provide you.
3. Enjoy becoming a part of the ParkLogic community to learn more about domain monetization.

Optimization Strategies
Mass Domains It may seem obvious but negotiating with a single monetization partner will not get you the highest payout levels when you compare your traffic volumnes versus the volumes we current have going through our network. By becoming part of a group of investors your domain traffic will always be exposed to the best payout rates.
Traffic Routing Within 100 milliseconds a decision is made as to who is going to pay the most for the traffic reaching one of your domains. Not surprisingly, the winning solution is a constantly moving target and getting this right is the reason why investors experience superior returns on their domain traffic.
Advertising Networks As well as working with the best traditional parking companies we have integrated a large number of direct global advertising networks that bid on your traffic in a real-time auction. This means you will always recieve the highest payout rates for your traffic at that instant in time.
The Optimization Process
Optimizing traffic

There are several key components in the above diagram. The first being the introduction of global direct advertising networks that bid in real-time for domain traffic and need to pay more than the best traditional parking provider to secure the traffic for themselves. This additional competition for domain traffic pushes up what is paid for it.

The second block is where the traditional parking providers compete against each other for the domain traffic. What many investors may not be aware is the huge variability that is paid for traffic between the parking companies even though they all ultimately have the same core advertising partner. The reason for this is that each of the parking providers have developed their own set of unique intellectual property that helps them perform better with different domains.

The feedback loop is critical to providing additional data into the algorithms that assist in making the most optimal routing decision. We currently track over two hundred different metrics for every domain every day to provide the algorithms with all the data they require to make the best revenue decision.

Who is the best parking provider?

We get asked this question a lot and although seemingly important, it's actually quite irrelevant. A better question to ask would be, "Who is the best at a point in time." Over the last decade we have found that each of the traditional parking providers perform at different times for any individual domain. This means that it is likely that all of the companies perform at some point in time for every domain. The key value we provide is determining which provider is the winning solution at a particular point in time so the domain is always receiving the highest possible revenue for its traffic.

That all being said, we have found that no single company wins more than 28% of the time. If you leave your domains with a single company then the very best case scenario means they could be performing better somewhere else 72% of the time.

So which parking provider is the best? The answer is they all are but you just have to work out when they are to get the best outcome.